Throughout the year we like to take the opportunity to use truly fresh, local ingredients from around us, for example-




 Gathered locally, we use wild garlic as a Focaccia topping.


Hot Cross Buns




Fresh herbs from our garden, salad onions, rocket, and of course all the general lovely fresh produce which is easy to get with minimum 'miles' at this time of year.


Don't forget the scones with jam and cream!





Autumn sees real favourites, 'Potato and Beetroot' and also 'Potato and Black onion seed' loaves. Both are fantastic with soup and with cheese. Our Potato & Beetroot won a Bronze in the Tiptree World Bread Awards 2014


Apple sourdough is saved for this season when we have an abundance of apples from our orchard.


Barley and Ale Bread




Stollen, made to a traditional recipe.


Although available all year round, this is a great time for our huge lightly spiced teacakes by the fire.