We believe that quality and provenance of ingredients are by far the most important factors in selecting them. They must each be counted by their own merits in terms of performance, taste and suitability. Many, but not all, of the ingredients are Organic. Those that aren’t are selected on the basis of how and where they are produced, how they behave and their seasonal availability. 

We feel that seasonality is important. It gives each of us something to look forward to and gives encouragement to the local producer who makes the best out of the environment they are working within when producing something. This might be the use of local pears or apples, the use of elderflowers, of potatoes or local herbs. 
We use NO flour improvers, stabilisers, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. Any fats which are used are confined to wholemeal and some fruited breads, where we use only finest pig fat, butter or extra virgin olive oil. Salt is kept to the absolute minimum. 
Typical of the range we offer here are some of the delicious breads we make.
Available as a cob or bloomer this white is not to be confused with any other white. Using a large proportion of dough fermented for over 24 hrs this white packs massive flavour with a delicious crust. 
Wholemeal and Spelt
Wholemeal Available as a cob . Made with either fine or course cut flour - this is how wholemeal should be. A dense yet well textured loaf it has loads of flavour.
Spelt- A variety of loaves are made including seeded cobs, spelt with barley and spelt with honey.
Available as a split bloomer. We use a malted granary flour, based on a low extraction white flour, which we combine with some Rye flour to give a satisfying nutty loaf.
Available in a variety of shapes. We make our sourdoughs without yeast. They are the raised using natural ferments of flour and water which are maintained in different ways to provide distinct and individual characteristics. We also use ferments of wild flowers, fruit or vegetables. The texture of Sourdough is generally more open than yeasted bread, more robust and satisfyingly more chewy. It also makes the most excellent toast in whatever form! Always available is a white and a wholemeal based sourdough. Depending on the season we might also be baking Wild Apple and Walnut, Potato & Beetroot, Elderflower and more.
We make a range of Rye breads ranging from the typically North European “Brick” which is made from 100% Rye flour with no yeast through to loaves made from Rye / Wheat Flour blends which might be dark and sweet, like a grown up malt loaf, or flavoured with Caraway or roasted Onions. Always popular is our Cracked Rye loaf made from a fermented Porridge of Rye seeds and wheat flour producing a full bodied loaf packed with moist soft grains.
Other Loaves
Given our seasonal approach to breads we make an array of other loaves depending on availability of ingredients. These might be the soft Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed tin loaf during winter, Barley and Ale during harvest time or mid winter, Pear and Black Pepper during the Autumn, Cheese breads and Chestnut Flour based festive breads in Winter, Carrot & Parsley in late Spring, etc. Selecting the What's in Season section on this site will tell you what we are up to at any one time.
Furthermore we make a variety of continental type breads all with a little with a twist such as Focaccia -which might be flavoured with Rosemary and Sea salt, Fresh Lemon and Thyme or topped with an Olive Tapenade – or large Pave’s in trays which ooze with Roasted Garlic.
Sweet and Petit Breads 
The English bakers armoury was once full of fantastic sweet breads. We try and keep the tradition going and offer-
Spiced Teacakes 
Like the white bread, made with a high proportion of fermented dough for flavour then cut through with juicy currants and the right amount of spice. Just the best when toasted and spread with too much butter!
Lemon & Saffron Loaf 
A tin loaf which is light and elegant yet full of flavour and character.
Dark Fruit Loaf 
A seriously dark winter fruit loaf made with dark muscavado sugars, eggs, butter, nutmeg and heaps of fruit.
Dough Cakes 
The antidote to healthy living but a treat once in a while. A white dough which is heavily fruited with various dried fruits and streaked through with the best lard.
Rich Scones made only with flour, baking powder, butter, local buttermilk and the best eggs. Available fruited, plain or with cheese.
And the not quite English tradition…… 
Long careful fermentation of Flour, Eggs, Butter and a little sugar provide a honeycombed dough which is dry, short and luxurious.
A range of Stollens each reflecting their individual regional heritage a Dresdener Stollen – lightly fruited and spiced within an open bread like crumb or Almond and Lemon Stollen – using pure Almonds struck through with glace lemon peel and fresh zest. All available through December only.